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Rikey Austin first created the stories and characters of Alice's Bear Shop over 20 years ago, which tells the stories of the bears and how they made their way to Alice's Bear Shop.  Rikey has now joined forces with Charlie Bears and they have now re-launched all of the original characters, including CHUNKY, who is from the ALICE'S BEAR SHOP COLLECTION and they have introduced new characters, in the LITTLE LOST BEAR COLLECTION. 

Size: 38cm (15")

Chunky is Alice's dog and a friend to all of the Alice's Bear Shop characters.  He loves to go hunting for bones in the seaside town where they all live and it's here that he made the find of his life.

Chunky is a cream dog, with brown patches and a big nose. His eyes have white underneath and one has brown shading around it.  His ears are soft and floppy, which give him an endearing look and his long, waggy tail is great for stroking. 

Chunky is huggably soft and will make an ideal gift for teddy bear fans of all ages.

Suitable from 18 Months

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