• Alices Bear Shop Woodroffe No. 3

Alices Bear Shop Woodroffe No. 3

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Rikey Austin first created the stories and characters of Alice's Bear Shop over 20 years ago, which tells the stories of the bears and how they made their way to Alice's Bear Shop.  Rikey has now joined forces with Charlie Bears and they have now re-launched all of the original characters, including WOODROFFE, who is from the ALICE'S BEAR SHOP COLLECTION and they have introduced new characters, in the LITTLE LOST BEAR COLLECTION. 

Size: 35.5cm (14")

Woodroffe was the first bear that Alice and her Mum repaired, which led to the opening of Alice's Bear Shop and Hospital For Poorly Bears, so this proud old bear was the start of the Alice's Bear Shop story.

Woodroffe is a delightful bear, who doesn't have much luck.  He always seems to get pushed to one side and has a great fear of being abandoned.  When he turns up at Alice's Bear Shop, Alice does some investigating and discovers a reason for his sadness.

WOODROFFE is a traditional bear, with a growler and dropped ears.  He is made from thick, soft, mid-brown fur, with dark brown stitched pads.  His big rounded muzzle has been shaved to show off his big hand-stitched nose and dark eyes and he wears a red waistcoat. 

Woodroffe is huggably soft and will make an ideal gift for teddy bear fans of all ages.

Suitable from 18 Months

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