Steiff & Merrythought

The world famous "button in ear" Steiff bears from Germany.....  All these characters are brand new, perfect, all labels and tags, certificates and gift boxed.  Merrythought Teddy Bears were established in 1930, and are the last remaining teddy bear company still making their products in Britain. All items are in stock in the shop, they can be collected or shipped on the same day!

Merrythought HM Queen Elizabeth II
Merrythought Mabel Mouse Mohair
Merrythought Punkie Panda Cub
Merrythought Royal Guardsman Bear
Steiff "Black Bear"
Steiff 'little Happy' Replica 1926
Steiff 2024 Cozy Year Bear
Steiff Agneatha Cat
Steiff Ajax Replica 1933
Steiff Bambi & Thumper
Steiff Bear On Wheels Replica
Steiff Björn Grizzly bear
Steiff Charlie Bucket
Steiff Chimney Sweep
Steiff Disney 101 Dalmatians Patch
Steiff Disney Collectible Tigger
Steiff Disney Lion King Pumba
Steiff Disney Olaf The Snowman
Steiff Disney Pinocchio
Steiff Disney The Beast £200 OFF!
Steiff Disney Winnie the Pooh
Steiff Dolly Bear Replica 1913
Steiff Dumbo

Steiff Dumbo


Steiff E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
Steiff Fox Ice Skater
Steiff Goldfinger 007 Musical Bear
Steiff King Kong
Steiff Lia Lamb

Steiff Lia Lamb


Steiff Lion King "Nala"
Steiff Lion King Set SAVE £150
Steiff Lion King Simba
Steiff Mama Bear RMS
Steiff Mickey Mouse With Teddy
Steiff Minions Bob
Steiff Minions Kevin
Steiff Mrs Santa Mouse
Steiff Nativity Scene 2021
Steiff Papa Bear RMS
Steiff Prince William Teddy Bear
Steiff Rabbit Pin Cushion Set
Steiff Rocks! Queen Teddy Bear
Steiff Rolling Stones Bear
Steiff Shrek

Steiff Shrek


Steiff Shrek Donkey
Steiff Spectacled Ted Cub
Steiff Teddies for tomorrow Hanna
Steiff Teddy Bear Replica 1906
Steiff Teddy bear replica 1907
Steiff Teddy With Elephant
Steiff The Beatles Bear
Steiff Wildlife Bear
Steiff Winter Wonderland Set
Steiff Wombles Orinoco
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