• Edge Sculpture Tiger Bust

Edge Sculpture Tiger Bust

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Edge Sculpture Tiger Bust

Product Description

Introducing Edge Sculpture Bengal Tiger Bust‚ - a stunning contemporary sculpture that strikes a balance between emotion, modernity, and affordability. Designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley in Shropshire, England, the collection draws inspiration from style rather than subject, resulting in unique pieces with a mix of form, light, and texture.

Each sculpture begins with an original clay model, lending a dynamic and organic feel to the finished product. With a special blend of marble stone castings, we are able to reproduce the original sculptures faithful details with expertly crafted cases and moulds. Hand-painted for a finishing touch, these pieces make a statement and spark conversation in any home.

Tiger Bust - Approximate Sizes:

  • Height - 360mm (14")
  • Width - 300mm (12")
  • Depth - 275mm (11")

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