Hulk Gamma Green Ltd Edition

Model: Hulk Gamma Green Ltd Edition

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Limited Edition Gamma Green Hulk Marvel Treasury Edition #5

Size: H22cm including base x 17cm x 21.5cm

A limited edition of 300 individually numbered pieces worldwide. This is limited edition number 287 of 300.

“Hulk smash!” Gifted with unimaginable strength from exposure to gamma rays, the green-skinned Hulk punches through a black and white reproduction of the original cover art in dramatic fashion.

In this limited edition, illustrator Alan Quah and sculptor Mufizal Mokhtar’s respectful interpretation of John Romita’s original 1975 cover art, superbly modeled in pewter, is finished with a striking translucent tint in the Hulk's signature hue that accentuates the sheen and detailing of the metal beneath.

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