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Steiff Frog Prince & Pretty Princess

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"The Princess and the Exquisite Frog have same limited numbers"

Steiff THE FROG PRINCE SET is a dainty beautiful PRINCESS and her little FROG.

The PRINCESS is made from the finest wood plush in a mixture of honey and cream and the sweet little FROG is made from cotton velvet in a mixture of bright green and white.

The PRINCESS is five way jointed (means you can move her head, arms and legs) and is made in a mixture of colours with a white cheeks, hand embroidered black mouth and nose together with black shiny eyes.
She is dressed in a PRINCESS dress in pale pink with beading at the top of the dress - and with a little crown on the very top of her head - well she is a Princess.

The FROG is bright green with a white chest and paw pads. He has a smiling mouth and black shiny eyes - and also has a little crown on the very top of his head - well he is a very special FROG.

The PRINCESS is 15cm
The FROG is 5cm

Once upon a time..............
There was a handsome prince who was turned into a frog by an evil witch. Luckily a princess came to play by the lake every day where the frog prince lived. One day she was playing with her golden ball and accidentally dropped it into the lake, and it sunk. The frog rescued the golden ball for the Princess. The Princess gave him kisses of thanks - and he turned back into a handsome Prince - and they lived happily ever after...........
This is inspired by the classic fairytale by the Brothers Grimm and this set is certain to provoke nostalgic enchantment.

Limited edition of just 1,000 pieces worldwide.

Surface washable.

White label with famous Steiff gold plated button in the ear.

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