• Steiff Disney Lion King Pumba  £80 OFF!

Steiff Disney Lion King Pumba £80 OFF!

Model: Steiff Disney Lion King Pumba

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Steiff Disney Lion King Pumba - So Courageous

  • Size: 23cms
  • Surface washable
  • Code number: 355516
  • "From Disney Lion King film & show"

    Steiff Disney Lion King PUMBAA is made from a mixture of the finest reddish brown, cream and black mohair.
    He has white and black hand embroidered eyes with a matching nose - and pert ears which are lined in a gentle pink colour. He is so smart with fluffy black decorations attached on the top of his head and the end of is little tail.

    The sitting reddish brown warthog may look nothing like his friend Timon, but they complement each other perfectly in their everyday antics.
    Although rather poorly, PUMBAA moves deftly on slender legs that are supported with limb wire. It soon becomes apparent that he is well able to look after himself and his friends - even when confronted with hungry hyenas.

    A wonderful piece to look after for ever and remind you of the Disney Lion King!

    Limited edition of just 1,994 worldwide.

    Surface washable.

    White label with famous Steiff gold plated button in the ear.

    WAS £180 NOW ON OFFER AT £100!!!!!

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