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Steiff Warner Brothers Foghorn Leghorn

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In collaboration with Warner Bros we have the legendary 'Foghorn Leghorn' - The southern 'gentleman' who's a bit of a prankster, given form, courtesy of the artisans at steiff.

Foghorn J Leghorn first appeared in 1946 as a supporting character to Henery Hawk in 'Walky, Talky, Hawky'. But his larger-than-life personality soon outshone poor Henery and Foghorn went on to star in 30 more film shorts, followed by guest appearances in other cartoons, films and adverts.

"that's a joke, I say, that's a joke, son"

Foghorn Leghorn is 34cm tall and has move-able arms, with four-digit fingers on each hand. He has been sewn from two luxurious mohairs, in white and red for his head and hackle. He has a detailed, flamboyant tail, with a matching comb and wattle, plus a 'collar' of wool felt for his feathered feet. He has smooth, chunky toes and beak, with large oval, embroidered eyes with the widest smile upon his beak.

This outspoken character in collaboration with Warner Bros, is a Worldwide Limited Edition of only 1,500 pieces and will come to you boxed, with his numbered certificate of authority, this is number 71.

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