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Steiff Disney 101 Dalmatians Patch

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"He is smiling at you!"

Steiff Disney 101 DALMATIANS Patch is one of the most prominently known of the DALMATIAN puppies from Disney's 1961 film, 101 DALMATIANS.

Patch is named both for the black patch over his right eye, and for being the scrappy puppy of Pongo and Perdita's litter.
His bold strong-minded spirit sets him on an adventurous journey and gives him the courage to take on the evil Cruella.
Our joyous interpretation of the playful pup is certain to transport you straight to the villainous Cruella De Vil, her mansion, and the dramatic quest of rescue.

Steiff have made this gorgeous DALMATIAN from the finest mohair with airbrushed dots and his head is jointed - so you can move him to look in different ways.
He is wearing a red ribbon around his neck and has sweet ears which are lined in pink........and finally just look at his tail which finishes him off so nicely.

Limited editions of 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Delivery Expected January/February 2022. Please note that these are estimated Delivery Dates and maybe subject to Change.

Surface washable.

White label with famous Steiff gold plated button in the ear.

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