• Amuseable Pumpkin No.1

Amuseable Pumpkin No.1

Model: Amuseable Pumpkin

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Jellycat A4PUMP Amuseable Pumpkin

When you see the Amuseable Pumpkin you think of Autumn and Halloween, it makes an ideal table decoration, it is made by the British Luxury soft toy company – Jellycat.

The Pumpkin is a 19cm x 23cm soft toy made of super soft gingery orange plush with stitched segments and a green suedey stem. He has shiny black safety eyes and cute smile and you can’t miss those cute little dangling chocolate brown needle cord legs. Part bean filled for that lovely squidgy feel and weight.

Made using all new materials, filled with polyester fibres and plastic pellets. Hand wash only.

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