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Steiff Disney Pinocchio

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Steiff Disney Pinocchio - A Myriad Of Colours!

"Pinnochio who has a magical story"

Steiff DISNEY PINOCCHIO - a name known by DISNEY lovers.

Here is a puppet bought to lfe by a fairy who assigns him to lead a vrtuous life in order to become a real boy.

PINOCCHIO has been made with a body of wool felt and a wig made of back mohair.
He is 5-way jointed (which means you can move his head, arms and legs).
His eyes, mouth and gloves are embroidered and the rest of his clothing is made of cotton jersey.

Just look at PINOCCIO who is a myriad of colours.
Red shorts, yellow vest, BIG blue bow and smart brown shoes.................
A face full of happiness with a cheeky hat....................

Limited editon of 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Surface washable.

White label with famous Steiff gold plated button in the ear.

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