• Steiff Ajax Replica 1933

Steiff Ajax Replica 1933

Model: Steiff Ajax Replica 1933

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"Miniature Ajax for all our Collectors"

  • Steiff AJAX REPLICA 1933 is made with such care and love.

    He is made from the finest mohair and is stuffed with wood wool - just as the original was made.
    He is 1-way jointed - which means you can move his head and he has glass eyes, hand stitched mouth and nose and sweet ears which just gently turn over.
    Then he is finished off with a ribbon bow onto which Steiff have attached a little bell.

    The 1920's and 1930's were a veritable heyday for Steiff dogs.
    One of the most popular dog breeds of the 1930's was the fun loving wire hair fox terrier.
    It is not surprising, therefore, that Steiff chose to interpret this charismatic canine from the 1890's right through to the present day which just clearly illustrates the huge popularity of this little pup.
    The most beloved was AJAX who retained all the traditional qualities and exceptional modelling synonymous to Steiff.

    Steiff are proud to offer this replica - which is true and accurate to the original produced in 1933.

    In his famous ear Steiff have putt on an original replicated ear tag.

    Limited edition of just 933 pieces worldwide.

    Surface washable.

    White label with famous Steiff 'underscored' patinated steel button in the ear, just as the original bear found in the archives has.

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