• Edge Bulldog "Brown Sauce"

Edge Bulldog "Brown Sauce"

Model: Edge Bulldog "Brown Sauce"

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Edge Sculpture Bulldog Bust - Brown Sauce - Limited Edition 50

  • Height - 320mm (12.5")
  • Width - 290mm (11.4")
  • Depth - 280mm (11")

“I once saw a dog that looked kinda neat,
Its chest was swung low and it had fat feet.
Its nose was pushed in and it had really big eyes,
It had a very little butt with some muscular thighs.
Its ears were called rose and sat perky on its head,
I could tell from the yawns it was on the way to bed.
Just when I thought it was getting all tired out,
It got down in the bow and started jumping about.
I knew then and there this was a dog I had to own,
Its owner said it’s a Bulldog and it’s bad to the bone!”

The Bulldog
Author Unknown

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