• Edge Baby Chimp "Speak No Evil"

Edge Baby Chimp "Speak No Evil"

Model: Edge Baby Chimp "Speak No Evil"

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The Edge Sculpture Baby Chimpanzee 'Hear no Evil' (Mikazaru),  the first of three in a set to be released throughout the near future, and part of the ever expanding Born to be Wild series of Edge Sculpture babies.

If Matt Buckley was going to do the three wise monkeys, it would had to have the Edge Sculpture flair and style, it could never be the same as the rest, and would always have to be totally unique, so as expected, it did not disappoint, here is "Hear No Evil', the Edge Sculpture way, which is.... hear a little..... think a cheeky little chimpanzee listening into something he shouldn't be, and, don't expect a tail, this is Matts creative interpretation, and it is absolutely perfect in every way.  Mikazaru is the Japanese interpretation of "hear no evil'


Height - 20cm - Width 15.6cm - Depth 10.5cm

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