• Edge T-Rex Bust

Edge T-Rex Bust

Model: Edge T-Rex Bust

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Magnificent T-Rex bust sculpture in a contemporary style by Matt Buckley - part of the EDGE collection. Surely the most ferocious predator ever to walk the Earth, the Tyrannosaurus rex was 40 foot long, up to 20 foot high and with a huge jaw lined with serrated teeth that could eat up to 320 kilos of meat in a single bite. Although long extinct, dinosaurs have always held a strong fascination but it was Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie Jurassic Park that really cemented them in popular culture and took the mighty T-Rrex to new heights of infamy. Matt Buckley's spectacular sculpture is a centre piece that will not fail to get noticed



50.0 cm high, 53.0 cm long, 310 cm deep (19.5 x 20.8 x 12.2 inches)

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