• Bagsy No. 370

Bagsy No. 370

Model: Bagsy

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Limited Edition of 400

Bagsy means to succeed in securing (something) for yourself, or the other way round. i.e "Bagsy I get to go in the front seat of the car" or "Bagsy not going in goal!"

BAGSY bear has a wonderfully strokeable coat,made of mohair and alpaca, in tonal shades of brown and greys, with a fluffy bib. His light coloured muzzle has been shaved and he has a hand-stitched nose, which makes a great contrast to the darker fur. He has reversed fabric paw pads and is accessorised with a pendant.

His wisful look is wondering if you are going to bagsy "Bagsy Bear" for yourself?

Bagsy is a fully jointed bear from the Charlie Bears 2017 Isabelle Collection.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Each bear comes in an embroidered Isabelle Collection canvas bag.

She is approx 37cm/15 inches  This is limited edition number 370

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